Eastcote Conservation Panel 6 Oct 2015

It has been brought to the attention of the Panel that TFL are in the process of ‘redesigning’ the centre of Northwood.
This will entail the demolition of most of the Northwood Conservation Area. It has been established that TFL are using Northwood as a test case, to see what they can get away with before they start ‘redesigning’ other town centers.

In any town or area that has an Underground Station TFL will have an estate. TFL does own quite a lot of shops and residential properties in Eastcote around the station, the full extent is not known. The old garden centre was one such lot, now we have Sainsburys 13 flats and no available parking.

In Northwood, shopkeepers and residents have formed a group, Northwoods Voice, to fight this wholesale demolition of their town. Many shopkeepers will lose their premises, without a guarantee that they will be able to rent one of the new shops.

All information is on their web site http://www.northwoodsvoice.org.uk

Please have a look at their web site, there is a petition if anyone wishes to sign. It will also give all of us information of the progress of this project. A planning application is expected at the end of October.

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