Hillingdon-TfL Planning Applications 25 Feb 2018

The following emails show the recent correspondence  NVL have had with LBH over the TfL Planning Application filed in December 2015 with LBH.  TfL withdrew their planning application of 71083/APP/2015/4037 in September 2016.  LBH Planning Officers had recommended refusal of the application.  Before withdrawal the application was due to be heard by the Major Applications Committee on Sept. 13th 2016.

You will also see correspondence in June/July 2017 with James Rodger, Head of Planning at LBH and Jean Palmer of LBH

On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 9:37 AM, Mandip Malhotra <mmalhotra@hillingdon.gov.uk> wrote:

Dear Northwoods Voice Ltd

There is no current planning application with the Local Authority for the redevelopment of the station and surroundings.

Should any application be lodged, it will of course be included in a Major Application update.

Should the Council be approached with regard to the proposal, we will encourage any future agent to contact your organisation.

Kind regard


On 18 January 2018 at 22:25, Dennis Cave <northwoodsvoice@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Mandip,

Thank you for your reply.

May we ask if LBH have received any communication from TfL or have they asked for, and be given any any pre-planning advice since July 2017?

We ask as the tenants of TfL shops, under threat of demolition are told their premises will be required by Sept. 2019.

Leases are only be given to that date. As you know TfL withdrew their planning application of 71083/APP/2015/4037. Hillingdon planning officers determined to recommend refusal of the TfL application, and TfL subsequently withdrew their application on the 5th September before the application was heard by the Hillingdon Major Application Planning Committee scheduled for the 13th September 2016.

Kind regards,

Dennis Cave (NVL)

From: Mandip Malhotra [mailto:mmalhotra@hillingdon.gov.uk]

Sent: 25 January 2018 12:14

To: Dennis Cave; Lopez Kelly

Cc: James Rodger

Subject: Re: Northwood – TfL current status with LBH ?

Dear Mr Cave,

Pre-application discussions are held as private and confidential but to the best of my knowledge there has been no communication with the planning team. I have no information with regard to leases for the retail units, but i have copied this email to Kelly Lopez, from TfL in the hope that she still works at TfL and can assist you with your query.

Kelly- apologies for emailing out of the blue, but can i ask if you can contact Mr Cave on his queries below.

Many thanks


On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 4:21 PM, Lopez Kelly <KellyLopez@tfl.gov.uk> wrote:

Dear Mr Cave,

Further to your recent correspondence with Mandip I can confirm we have not had any further communications with planning officers about redevelopment proposals at Northwood station.

We are still committed to bringing forward redevelopment at Northwood. Last year we released the site to our Property Partnerships Framework, which is made up of 13 of the best property development companies and consortiums in London. We will select a joint venture partner from this Framework, and they will work with the local community to develop design proposals for the site.

We are on track to pick a partner within the next few months, and anticipate that engagement and consultation on new proposals will start with the community later in the year.

We have corresponded with our tenants, and will continue to keep them updated about timescales and milestones as things progress with a partner.

Kind regards,


Kelly Lopez l Senior Property Development Manager

Commercial Development I TfL Property Development

3rd Floor, Wing Over Station 55 Broadway, London, SW1H 0BD

T: 020 3054 1347


NVL have also corresponded with M/s J. Palmer, Deputy Chief Exec.of Hillingdon Council. This was to ascertain if further approaches had been made to LBH by TfL to overcome the reasons for the Recommendation For Refusal to the TfL Planning Application 71083/APP/2015/4037

The reply to NVL by M/s Jean Palmer dated Mon. 17th July 2017 is reproduced below along with the letter to affected TfL shop tenants by TfL.

From: Jean Palmer <jpalmer@hillingdon.gov.uk>

Date: Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 2:23 PM

Subject: Re: Trees on TfL Northwood’s Site near Northwood Station

To: Northwoods Voice <info@northwoodsvoice.org.uk> (

Cc: Nick Hurd MP <nick.hurd.mp@parliament.uk>, scott@hillingdon.gov.uk, Dennis Cave <cave@macace.net>, Manoj Shah <mkks14@btconnect.com>, James Rodger <jrodger2@hillingdon.gov.uk>, Chris Mansfield <cmansfield@hillingdon.gov.uk> (

Mr Marx

I am sorry that your initial e-mail was not responded to.

I can advise that TfL have not commenced any form of pre-application discussion with Hillingdon’s planning team. I have responded to each of your questions in the order given.

The Council undertook extensive public consultation previously and would do so again if a further planning application is submitted. I believe your first question is asking that longer than 21 days be given for comment, on what might be a particularly complex major application. I don’t see a problem with doing this and the Council can alter its consultation letter and site notice templates to do this.

The Council has a photographic record of the trees you refer to and account could be given to the removal of the trees and the benefits the trees had to visual amenity and air quality.

The Councils highway engineers will discuss with TfL whether traffic data is up to date or not (if traffic data is too old then officers would request new survey work be undertaken, but this will be based on established methodologies used by highway engineers to assess such matters) when pre-application engagement occurs. As explained above there is not currently any engagement with Council officers regarding a re-submission.

For the previous planning application there was extensive involvement in assessing the air quality data submitted (and this involved liaison I understand with Northwood Voice) and if a further planning application is submitted the Council would again look closely at all information submitted.

I hope that the above comments are of assistance. I would clarify that it would be difficult for me to comment in any more detail on the points you have raised given the lack of information the Council has regarding TfL’s future proposals for Northwood Station.

Once again I apologise for the poor standard of customer care you have received.

Putting our residents first

Jean Palmer OBE

Deputy Chief Executive Corporate Director of Residents Services

London Borough of Hillingdon

Civic Centre



Telephone: 01895 250622

Fax: 01895 250223

Email: jean.palmer@hillingdon.gov.uk

On 11 July 2017 at 14:04, Northwoods Voice <info@northwoodsvoice.org.uk> wrote:

Dear Ms Palmer ,

TfL Northwood

You will be familiar with TfL s attempts over the last number of years to progress their redevelopment ambitions in the heart of Northwood in a Conservation Area right in the heart of Northwood’s town centre. You may also recall that we raised a petition of 3,000 signatures against TfL’s ambitions which we delivered to Downing Street in 2015.

We wrote to your James Rodger on 24th June 2017, but as no response has been received to-date we re writing to you also. Please could you read our email of June 24th 2017 to Mr Rodger as if it was addressed also to you  I ve copied it below here and the attachment to this email NVL – TfL letter to some tenants dated 13th June 2017 refers.

In this email below here to Mr Rodger we raise 4 points and ask some questions all of which you should be aware of  but I especially wanted to draw your attention to point 2 (below) which concerns the summary execution by TfL of a row of tall trees in the centre of our town and along one long side of the Northwood station car park. Did TfL carry out any sort of impact assessment on Northwoods air quality before they did this ?

TfL will be aware, as you will be aware, of the Hillingdon Letter to TfL dated 14th April 2016 (which we have only in redacted form  attached here also for your ease of reference). This letter states much of what s wrong in Hillingdon’s eyes with regard to the TfL Planning Application 71083/APP/2015/7083  but it has a particular paragraph Loss of Trees which relates to these trees, so TfL must have been well aware of Hillingdons views regarding these trees. Yet it would appear that TfL may have taken a full frontal approach involving the prompt removal of these trees later that very same year (2016) almost by way, it appears, as a response with regrettable consequences to Northwood (and very possibly to the air quality which Northwood people breathe ?).

Your responses to my letter of 24th June 2017 to Mr Rodger (below here) would be much appreciated,

Many thanks,

Jon Marx



From: Northwoods Voice [mailto:info@northwoodsvoice.org.uk] (

Sent: 24 June 2017 16:00

To: James Rodger

Cc: Dennis Cave; Manoj Shah; Val Beale; Charmian Baker; Scott Seaman-Digby; Nick Hurd MP

Subject: TfL – Northwood development

Dear James,

TfL Green Lane, Northwood & Station area development

I somehow feel sure that you’re aware of the fact that TfL (or their property partner, or consultants to either) have recently commenced survey work in the TfL owned areas of Northwood and in particular Northwood Town Centre,Green Lane Conservation Area. It would seem that considerable activity regarding surveying and soil sampling is taking place in this area.

Recently TfL sent a letter (dated 13th June 2017) to most of their shop tenants in the Station Approach, Northwood area. I am attaching a copy of this letter for your information.

This letter once again suggests that a new Planning Application will be submitted in early 2018 – the exact date is not mentioned – and it reminds those tenants to whom it was sent that possession of units will be required by TfL towards the end of 2019. Personally, I’m not sure that this fits with all the various existing lease arrangements which TfL may have with their various tenants. The letter states that [TfL] are looking for a joint venture partner to work with them – although the recent sampling and surveying activity in Northwood’s Station area suggests that TfL may indeed already have signed-up with such a partner. This letter to tenants states “I appreciate your patience and understanding while we look for a joint venture partner that will work with us…..”. Considering the very large number of years [back to 2008 I believe] since TfL chose to work on this project and its development it is maybe surprising that they apparently need further time to remind people of their landlord powers and possibly to add further uncertainty to the lives of shop and flat tenants alike. From the comments which I’ve heard it would seem that the health of various tenants and/or families is becoming involved.

My understanding is that any new, future TfL Planning Application (or one from one of their “partners”) will be in basics similar to the previous TfL Planning Application (71083/APP/2015/4037) in Nov 2015, except that a higher % of affordable housing may be expected. If this is the case then logically one might expect a similar negative response by Hillingdon Council and Historic England as to that which probably led TfL to withdraw their previous 2015 Planning Application. This inevitably leads one to the conclusion that a “call-in” by the London Mayor to allow him to make an overarching decision (above the London Borough of Hillingdon) is on the cards. Why would a private property developer “partner” take such project expense on to his books (after the previous reactions and TfL withdrawal) if he wasn’t fairly sure of the outcome.

I somehow feel that all or much of the above is well known to you – and that you probably have further information which is not in the public domain. My apologies then for re-capping the foregoing.

Given all the above, then this letter is to ask you a number of points.

  1. Will you please ensure that a large and significant consultation period is allowed after any new Planning Application (by TfL or one of their “partners”) to enable the raising of another large petition (the last one presented to Downing Street in November 2015 had some 3,000 signatures all gathered locally.
  2. Will you please take into account the removal (I assume by TfL) and/ or heavy pollarding of a large bank of trees along the east side of the Station Car Park as recently as December 2016. Whilst these trees may not have been protected trees (in a TPO sense) their removal is likely to have had an adverse effect on the quality of air in Northwood Town Centre, being very close indeed to the likely area of any new Planning Application. In view of the apparently on-going TfL plans one might have expected TfL to have previously assessed this impact before and after removing and/or pollarding these trees. Did they ?
  3. Will you please take into account the probable growth in traffic movements and parking behaviours in Northwood ? The previous traffic study to support the earlier TfL Nov 2015 Planning Application was done by consultants back in September 2015 and much of significance appears to have changed since then in both parking behaviours and traffic volumes since then in the town centre.
  4. Points 2. and 3. above point significantly to the air quality issues which exist in Northwood. NVL has been monitoring (at our own cost) the levels of NO2 found at two locations in Green Lane, Northwood – and we have shared these results with the Hillingdon Environmental Officers. We continue to monitor NO2 pollutants – and, in short, the results do not make pretty reading for a “leafy suburb”. We would request that you please, in view of adverse traffic trends in recent years, request a further air quality study and that, unlike the previous 2015 study, that this is carried out in busy traffic areas rather than in cul-de-sacs where little traffic is to be expected.

Thank you for your patience in reading this far – and we do look forward to your response within the relevant guidelines set by Hillingdon Council for such matters.

Many thanks,

Jon Marx,








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