Letter to My Northwood News written by Jon Marx 25 Aug 2015

A Letter in regards to Transport for London’s (TFL) Station Approach development plans.

Dear Editor,

In the last several editions of My Northwood News you have thoughtfully published letters from various Northwood individuals strongly against the on-going proposed Tfl development in a Conservation Area in the heart of Northwood by the Station.

The recent (June/July) Tfl exhibition in Northwood has highlighted the extent of some of the difficulties to be faced by Northwood arising from this Tfl proposed development – and even now not all the bad news has been revealed. It looks fairly sure now that an additional set of traffic lights will be needed in Green Lane within about 50 yards of the existing set. The amount of increased traffic set to arise from the proposed many new flats and houses, the taxi rank and other estate services has yet to be clearly revealed to Northwood. The current and future levels of pollution arising has also yet to be revealed. The declared levels of parking provision in the proposed new Station estate may be expected to be set at a level which will cause overspill onto Northwood’s roads and car parks (including the Waitrose car park), and where it will join those vehicles already blocking such spaces.

The recent Green Lane disruption caused by water main repairs will be nothing compared with years of Tfl demolition/construction if Tfl are allowed to progress their 4/5 storey “blocks” to dominate (the adjoining) roads around the heart of Northwood.

In recent weeks a petition has been growing in an amazing 30 shops in Northwood and signatures against the proposed developments are accumulating significantly as people wake up to what may be about to happen if they do nothing !

I would urge all Northwood residents who value their town and their sanity to sign-up forthwith – and let their voice be heard before its too late.

Jon Marx

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