The Building Height/Mass


Tfl architects at the Tfl last exhibition did not show the following nor did they reveal it on questioning.  This is what Northwood residents will be faced with.
Please study the drawings.
Click the drawings to enlarge.
Ex Station App & Raised Piazza
Alternatively Click the link below to open a detailed plan as a PDF:

Existing Station Approach and Proposed raised Piazza

Compared to a typical 2-storey house which is 8.5 metres high, the buildings of this new development (3 and 4 storey high blocks) will be over 13 metres high.

At Green Lane they will match the height of the 4 storey 1960s block. Along Station Approach, considering the new development will be on land that has been flattened (with ground  levels raised approximately 3 metres to achieve this and accommodate underground parking), we are looking at structures which will be approximately 16 metres above the current lay of the land.

These new buildings will be so much taller than the existing houses and the listed St John’s Church that they will completely dominate the views, while cutting off pleasant views of the greenery beyond.
They will overlook the gardens of the houses on Maxwell and Hallowell Roads.

Does anyone really think this will suit the character of Northwood except Tfl. Will it enhance or be detrimental to the suburban character and life in Northwood?  

We must stop this and get a rethink from Tfl.

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