Northwood’s Voice Newsletter Published 23 September 2018 TfL Planning Application For Northwood Town Centre Conservation Area SURVEY OF AIR QUALITY IN NORTHWOOD TOWN CENTRE JUNE 2015 -SEPTEMBER 2019 Residents may be aware that Northwoods Voice Ltd (NVL) last published on-line details of our nitrogen dioxide pollution monitoring on our website on 10th April 2017. This […]

Air Quality in Northwood,
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On the 5th June 2018 Northwood’s Voice sent the following NewsLetter via MailChimp to their subscriber list.   Northwood’s Voice NewsletterJune 2018 TfL Planning Application For Northwood   Town Centre Conservation Area TfL SELECTS DEVELOPMENT PARTNER As you will be aware the previous Transport for London (TfL) planning application of TfL submited to the London […]

TfL Select Development Partner,
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Hillingdon-TfL Planning Applications

The following emails show the recent correspondence  NVL have had with LBH over the TfL Planning Application filed in December 2015 with LBH.  TfL withdrew their planning application of 71083/APP/2015/4037 in September 2016.  LBH Planning Officers had recommended refusal of the application.  Before withdrawal the application was due to be heard by the Major Applications […]

Recent Correspondence With LBH On The TfL Planning Application,
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Air Quality – Green Lane, Northwood

Northwood’s Voice AIR QUALITY IN NORTHWOOD Residents may have seen in a free publication that, Air Pollution Low In Northwood, figures show. Unfortunately, no further details were given of the figures, how they were obtained and the location in Northwood. In view of the recent publicity on Air Quality toxicity alerts NVL considered residents would […]

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Meeting With Mr N. Hurd MP

Northwood’s Voice Newsletter Since the meeting of the 13 January 2017 with Mr N. Hurd MP the front of “Senses” on Station Approach has been repaired. Before publication the Minutes were submitted to Mr Hurd for any alteration or deletions. MINUTES OF MEETING on FRIDAY 13TH JANUARY 2017 Present Mr N. Hurd MP Dr J. […]

NVL Meeting With Mr N.Hurd,
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“My Northwood News” November Edition 2016

“My Northwood News Magazine” Publishes Article From Northwood’s Voice “My Northwood News” Magazine (Newsdesk-page 16) published the following article from Northwood’s Voice in their November 2016 Edition,  It is reproduced below.  We would be grateful for any comments you would care to make. In our November 2016 Newsletter we put on our website:  […]

MNN Article.Nov.2016,
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Update on TfL Planning Application

Northwood’s Voice Newsletter-No 2 TfL Planning Application For The Northwood Town Centre Conservation Area Information on the Withdrawal of the TfL Planning Application     (LBH Reference: 71083/APP/2015/4037) Northwood’s Voice wishes to update residents on the position of the TfL planning application filed with Hillingdon Council on the 2.11.2015. Amendments were filed to the application dated the […]

Update.Planning Application,
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Withdrawal of TfL planning application of 2 November 2015      71083/App/2015/4037 Northwood’s Voice ran a sustained and transparent campaign with the support of the residents in signing the petition (3094 signatures) running in 30 Northwood shops during the months of July to end October 2015 against the proposed and substantially altered Vision 2. Northwood’s Voice thank […]

Thank You To Residents,
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