Petition Of 2013


The Previous Petition Of July 2013

Many residents, both from Northwood and farther afield, will have signed a petition in July 2013 either in the local shops or on-line at
We thought it appropriate to compare the reasons then and now and why we have formed this new fight against TfL as NorthwoodsVoice in collaboration with the shops affected by the TfL plans.
To refresh our memories this is the petition wording placed on at the beginning of July 2013.

Transport for London’s outline plans involves demolishing an entire block: all of the buildings along Green Lane from Central Way to Coral and down Station Approach. 17 businesses will lose their premises and 12 tenants their flats, all without compensation or alternative premises being found. The 17 businesses employ some 150 people, all of whom would lose their livelihoods, impacting their families and the wider community.

Transport for London plans to build a 47,000 sq. ft. Sainsbury supermarket, up to 167 housing units and 3 car parks. The Sainsbury supermarket will have a sales floor of approx. 35,000 sq. ft. and result in approx. 15,000 extra car journeys through Northwood per week, as well as delivery vehicles outside trading hours.
This proposal risks changing the character of Northwood forever. Please support our petition to block these redevelopment plans.

This petition, placed on in July 2013, is not only opposed against a supermarket but plainly against the proposed total demolition and redevelopment of the entire block of shops.

In the light of no further opposition NorthwoodsVoice was therefore formed with the affected shops to fight on. This website is one of the facets in this fight. As explained, we are not against change but we want change to be done in line with saving the businesses livelihoods along with our history and heritage at the heart of any change.

TfL’s ambitions have not altered in their intent to re-develop completely the buildings they own. The only difference between 2013 (pre-application to Hillingdom of December 2011) and the plans of TfL today is the supermarket component of the plans has been withdrawn. Due to the dramatic moves in retailing it probably would never have been built.

Some residents will point out that Station Approach needs investment and renovation. We could not agree more but why have TfL never invested? Please remember TfL asked for tenders to develop Northwood in 2008. This quote is taken from an article in Estates Gazette (26th July 2014). Mr Graig is the Commercial Development Director at Transport for London.

Headed “Tfl TRACK RECORD IN ESTATE MANAGEMENT IS NOT GOOD. The article quotes Graham Craig as saying ……….”We haven’t invested in the estate in the way we should have done”……. “Again, we haven’t made the investment that we need to”………… “a retail portfolio he [Graeme Craig] describes as “almost universally tat””…………..”.
Is ripping out the existing Station Approach infrastructure the best approach given previous neglect? Where is the plan to renovate their Northwood estate and reinvest instead of total destruction and redevelopment in our conservation area?

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