A brief overview of the proposals

  • These proposals are likely to bring 500 new residents on this small site, with only 23 dedicated parking places for the buildings on the north of the site and 34 to the south of the site for the 17 town houses.
  • The attractive 2 storey buildings that lie on a slope down to the car park will be demolished, and current plans show them replaced by 4 storey modern buildings on flattened land. These will be very prominent and overlooking the existing established residences on other roads.
  • The new approach road is likely to mean a new set of traffic lights so we will end up with 2 sets of traffic lights and a roundabout in a short length of Green Lane.
  • The shops and residents on the current site will be forced out. No help has been offered to the businesses. They will most likely not be able to return at the market rents that will be expected at the completion of the development.

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