Strain on Northwoods Infrastructure.

Northwood needs sympathetic small scale and unintrusive development that will add to the character of the town not the scale of the Tfl development of wholesale demolition and rebuilding..

As you experiences Northwood in the rush hour it can be a poor experience with too many cars moving slowly and when you do get to your destination you struggle to park.

If you’ve visited Northwood during the day trying to get through the centre and then have you struggled to find a parking space?

As you drive along the Rickmansworth Road you find cars parked on both sides making it difficult and sometimes dangerous as buses and heavy lorries try to get through the parked cars and it is getting worse.

Tfl and their consultants will be keen to point out that the development will only have a marginal impact on the local infrastructure. Indeed they state, people in flats should not have cars or hire them.

In the real world, where we live, people do own cars and people do drive them. That means more congestion and more problems.

Anyone that has talked to Northwood Futures in one of their “consultations” would have heard their use of statistics to support their arguments. At peak times, they say, there will be minimum extra traffic movements.

It can be imagined that the flats and town houses will be owned by average families. The average family has 1.8 children, if you take the total number of flats and assume that most will be lived in by couples, a proportion of those will have children. It is easy to estimate a total number of up to 500 people could live on the new development.

Imagine that they are just a normal family with daily requirements. They may have family pets, some friends, their family will visit, they will have grocery deliveries including online shopping deliveries, they will need to do school runs, have days out, all the usual things and duties a normal family does. We think the development will create a significant impact and have an enormous strain on the local roads and its accompanying infrastructure.

May we ask you to consider then the rest of the infrastructure, children going to schools, can they cope with the extra strain for places increasing the pressure on an already limited number of school places?
Is there room on your morning bus or train for another 150-200 commuters or children?

We can extend this to concern on the rest of the infrastructure never mentioned by Tfl. How long do you have to wait for a doctor’s appointment? The pressure on the sewerage system, water provision. Can it cope with another 500 peoples daily needs?

And what happens when there’s more water because of rain? You have seen in heavy rain the water running down in torrents along Green Lane. Today Green Lane to the Watford Road often has standing surface water after just moderate rainfall because it has no where to go and areas of surface water form from time to time resulting in ever more damage to the roads. What will happen if this mass of concrete is put into the centre of Northwood. Where will all the water go as it runs off this surface? Will this create a flood risk?

We ask Hillingdon not to entertain this scale of development in Northwood if plans are placed before it.

Retain the present small scale, unintrusive buildings and ensure any further development will be far less damaging on our town and the infrastructure we rely on.

The property market and housing demand is seeking larger family properties within lower density developments and no longer a significant proportion of flats”

“leisure and community facilities …should not be disadvantaged as a result of development proposals”

“Proposals that would unacceptably harm the character of the Northwood centre landscape in terms of siting, scale, design or external appearance should be refused planning permission”

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