Who Is Affected

We feel TfL’s approach rides roughshod over local people and will seriously affect local businesses and local employment. We are not against change, far from it but we want change to be done in line with the principles of saving Northwood’s heritage, localism and with residents and local business interests at their heart.

Here are 19 businesses, many of long standing who are at risk to lose their livelihoods along with several residential tenants if Tfl have their plans approved. If the development is built all the new retail units will have to be offered on the open market to all bidders. Our local shops would have to compete with them. TfL, as a public body, will have to accept the highest offer. They have stated to business owners, “they are not a charity”.
Tfl are already imposing rent increases on their estate shops and businesses. Can the threatened shops afford the higher business rents and business rates which will be prevailing as London Market prices for the units when and if built?

  • Station News Kiosk paper shop
  • Northwood Flowers
  • Corals (Bookmakers)
  • Northwood Dental Practice
  • Express Dry Cleaners
  • Northwood Coachworks (Car repairs)
  • Farmhouse Pizza
  • Townsends (Estate Agents)
  • Sparkle Nails (Beauty salon)
  • KPA Shoe Repair
  • Senses (Therapy centre)
  • David Lichfield (Estate agents)
  • Steve’s (Hairdressers)
  • Post Office
  • Taylor Made (Cafe)
  • Ritz Laser Clinic
  • Kozmic Solutions (computer shop)
  • Ace Cars
  • Gentlemens Hairdressers.

Do you share the concerns of these business owners on the loss of their livelihoods?

Read some of there concerns and worries here:

It is not just a question of saying, “we would love a piazza and where we can dine or put the children whilst we have coffee in the umpteenth coffee house”. ¬†There is much more at stake than that. It is years of hard work that is affected or lost.

As a business owner I have had a constant grey cloud hanging [....]

“As a business owner I have had a constant grey cloud hanging over my head during the last couple of years due to TFLs plans to redevelop Green Lane/Station Approach.

As a shop owner I worry about the future of my business that has been well and truly established in Northwood for years and also that of the people who work for me. I have loyal customers, some of which I have become to know on a personal level, who worry for myself and also the other business’s.

Our future in this lovely town is uncertain and very unsettling.

As a parent I worry about being able to provide for my children, who are still financially dependant on me, and who look to me for security and stability.

The worry is never ending and bears a heavy weight on ones shoulders constantly.”

Letter from a worried business owner

Dear Sir

My major concern about the redevelopment of this area is that I have invested a great deal of effort and other resources in building up this business over the past 8 years or so, and I would’ve loathe to lose the goodwill of the clientele which has placed a lot of trust in the business. The need for this business to continue in its present form has also been acknowledge by TFL.

I hope all will be taken into account by those people making decisions regarding the development.


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